Global presence - at home in Austria

The CERAM brand of catalyst and industrial honeycombs are manufactured at the IBIDEN Ceram GmbH plant located in Frauental, Austria. The names CERAM and IBIDEN Ceram are used interchangeably. IBIDEN Ceram GmbH owns two subsidiaries based in the United States and South Korea.

CERAM has developed into a global supplier of catalysts and industrial ceramics and currently has customers in more than 40 countries. In the course of its international expansion, the company set up subsidiaries in the United States (IBIDEN Ceram Environmental Inc., Overland Park, Kansas) and South Korea (IBIDEN Ceram Frauenthal Korea Co. Ltd., Seoul). In addition, it opened a liaison office in Beijing in 2006. The company currently has more than 400 employees.

IBIDEN Ceram’s history as a technical ceramics manufacturer goes back more than 95 years. The company emerged into the promising new SCR catalyst market in 1985 with the introduction of a homogeneous honeycomb catalyst product. Since this time the company has added non-catalytic honeycombs (heat storage media and foundry filters), proprietary SCR diesel catalyst for commercial vehicles, and SCR plate catalyst.

“IBIDEN Ceram is one of the world’s leading producers of industrial honeycomb ceramics.”

The introduction of progressive environmental legislation around the world is a key driver of the CERAM´s business activities. The company itself is careful to comply with all environmental legislation, orders and notices. IBIDEN Ceram is certified according to the EN ISO 9001: 2008, EN ISO 14001: 2004and ISO/TS 16949: 2009 standards, which form the basis of its integrated occupational health and safety, environment protection, and quality management systems. The environmental management system is the cornerstone of the company´s effort to make responsible use of natural resources and systematically reduce its wastewater, solid waste streams, and atmospheric emissions.

“Innovation, quality and environmental protection are the keys to our success”