IBIDEN CERAM Environmental Inc.

IBIDEN CERAM Environmental Inc. was founded in 2001 as a U.S. based subsidiary of IBIDEN Ceram, in order to meet the growing demand for SCR catalysts in North America.  The company’s office is located in Overland Park, Kansas. IBIDEN CERAM Environmental has been a key partner in the development of the CATLife (R)™ program for the evaluation and maintenance of SCR systems. The following services are available from IBIDEN CERAM Environmental.

 Catalyst Supply and SCR Project Support:

  • SCR Catalyst Proposal Preparation

  • Catalyst Design

  • Project Management

  • Flow Modelling Coordination

  • O&M Manual Preparation

  • Operator training

  • Delivery coordination

  • Start-up support

Catalyst and SCR System Management Services With The CATLife (R) Program:

  •  Ammonia injection grid tuning (AIG)
  • SCR operations data assessment, reporting and troubleshooting
  • Reactor inspections and reporting
  • Catalyst testing and results analysis
  • Catalyst management planning
  • Manage CATLife(R) Model - proprietary software for evaluation of various SCR operations and catalyst management strategies
  • Catalyst rejuvenation and regeneration assessments and procurement support
  • Fuel change assessments
  • SCR operations and maintenance planning
  • Minimum operating temperature assessments
  • Increased NOx removal assessments and implementation

IBIDEN CERAM Environmental provides catalyst and SCR system management services for more than 40 coal fired units in North America. Catalysts from all predominant manufacturers are managed as part of the CATLife(R)program.



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