IBIDEN Porzellanfabrik Frauenthal GmbH

IBIDEN Porzellanfabrik Frauenthal GmbH is based in Frauental, close to Deutschlandsberg and a 30 minute drive from the Styrian capital, Graz. Today’s company dates back to a porcelain factory established in 1921. Porzellanfabrik Frauenthal currently employs 440 people at its Frauental site.

Following the sale of its insulator business in 2001, Porzellanfabrik Frauenthal was split into three companies: Porzellanfabrik Frauenthal GmbH, PPC Insulators Austria GmbH (now part of the Seves Group) and Ceram Liegenschaftsverwaltungs GmbH. Consequently, the Frauental site is now home to three companies employing a total of approximately 600 people.

Frauenthal or Frauental?

When IBIDEN Porzellanfabrik Frauenthal was first established, the town’s name still had an “h” in it. That changed with the spelling reform of 1960, when "Frauenthal" became "Frauental". However, the company and the nearby stately home both retained the previous spelling.

IBIDEN Porzellanfabrik Frauenthal GmbH
Gamserstraße 38, 8523 Frauental, Austria
+43 (0) 3462 20000  


Elisabeth Kohlberger

 Assistance to Managing Director  


+43 3462 2000 - 2233









Franz Haring


+43 3462 2000 ext. 0








Monika Fuchs (formerly Kusin)

Head of Administration
and authorised signatory

+43 3462 2000 ext. 2221


Product management  - catalysts


Tanja Krasser

Assistant to the Product Manager

+43 3462 2000 ext. 2315



Product management - Casting filters and heat storage media


Anna Krenn-Gollob

Assistant to the Product Manager

+43 3462 2000 ext. 2341


Product management - Diesel catalysts


Gertrude Harrer

Assistant to the Product Manager

+43 3462 2000 ext. 4002





  Barbara Rothschädl

   Team Assistant

   +43 3462 2000 ext. 2161